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For over 50+ years, Queen City Foundation (QCF), a local non-profit organization has assisted minority students in the Tri-State Region. Our goal is to introduce, inform, and support minority students who possess academic talent, desire, and motivation.


Queen City Foundation (QCF) actively seeks out minority students to inform them about educational opportunities at the most prestigious independent local day and boarding schools throughout the country. These students are shown opportunities commensurate with their academic merit and degree of self-motivation.


QCF seeks to motivate academically talented minority students to apply for admission to independent college preparatory schools. QCF also assists such students to attend Independent Schools and maximizing their experience and development through supportive services.


QCF provides support and encouragement to enrolled students through programs such as R.A.I.S.E. (Raising African American Awareness in a School and in Social Environments).

About Us


To motivate academically talented African American students to apply for admission to independent college preparatory schools; to assist such students attending independent schools in maximizing their experience and development in education and leadership, through supportive services, and to help students reach academic excellence by exposing them to resources and programs that prepare students to be productive, creative, ethical, engaged citizens and leaders with an informed global perspective. 


To provide educational opportunities and resources for minority students through independent college preparatory schools and academic enrichment programs, thus enriching our whole community.

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