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QCF Bridge to Excellence program mission is to increase students' motivation and mindset to improve grades, test scores and academic achievement. This program teaches students and families to "raise the bar" on their academic goals while increasing their children's self-esteem, cultural awareness and leadership skills. This year round program focuses on African American youth 7th—12th grade that attend school in failing school districts in the greater Cincinnati area. Students get instruction and resources to build the abilities they need to academically excel at any school. From note taking and homework skills, STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, Mathematic) programs, entrepreneurship, art, time management and test preparation, this program uses educators, college students and adult mentoring to assist students in reaching their academic goal. The vision of QCF Bridge to Excellence is to substantially increase the number of well-educated African American youth who are capable of assuming positions of responsibility and leadership in American society.


Given the wide educational gaps of African American and minority students within the United States and even in our Greater Cincinnati community, there is a heightened need for the type of services that QCF provides. QCF's success has reinforced that African-American and other minority students do extremely well when they are placed in quality schools, programs and get resources to reach their academic goals. Education is an important aspect of American life, forecasting not only later school outcomes but also career and work options, economic stability, health, and social opportunities. School performance constrains the future prospects of many African Americans. QCF Bridge to Excellence will address the gaps and disparities in education, create a path to academic achievement and promote culturally affirming engagement.


The program's target is socially and economically disadvantaged African American students at the middle and high school level. The program is open to all African American students in the greater Cincinnati area. Walnut Hills, West End, Lower Price Hill, Bond Hill, Evanston, Cincinnati Public Schools, Winton Wood School District, and Northwest School District are key neighborhoods that we will specifically recruit the majority of our students. 

Bridges to Excellence

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