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The Queen City Foundation's Educational Resources Fair

(formally known as the Independent School Fair)

Building a Bridge to the Future: Strive to Academic Excellence 

The primary purpose for this event is to create a pipeline to academic success which will specifically address the gap in educational access and information for minority families.


The Queen City Foundation's Educational Resources Fair helps to guide and support parents with educational resources for their children to excel academically. This Fair will expose families to some of the top academic institutions, accelerated educational programs, financial assistance and scholarships for K—12 students. The fair will have space for interactive exhibits and informative sessions which will cover the following interest areas; Multilingual Education, Gifted programs, College Tours, scholarships, STREAM (Science Technology Reading, Art, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs, Tutoring, Learning Difference Specialists, Test Prep services, Online and Non-Traditional Education, Independent Schools, Private Schools, Catholic Schools, Boarding and other enrichment programs for our students.


Proceeding the fair and staggered throughout the school year Queen City Foundation will host workshops that will further engage Fair participants to advance through and utilize resources they were exposed to. The Queen City Foundation's staff will help interested families navigate deadlines, admissions and entrance requirements for some of competitive and national recognized schools and programs through one-on-one engagement, email, newsletters, social media and website updates. 

Educational Resources Fair

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