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Excerpt from the History of Queen City Foundation

By The Honorable Robert L. Black, Jr. 



Ronald Everett Felder Sr. served as the President of the Queen City Foundation for 26 years. He attended Cincinnati Public Schools and graduated from Woodward High School. He then studied at Xavier University and served four years in the Air Force. Ron was an active community leader in Cincinnati educational and social services, and the first African American elected President of Queen City Foundation. Leading the Foundation was not a job but a joy to him. It was a bridge for the assistance and encouragement for many underrepresented students who attended select private schools across the country. Ron personally mentored over 400+ students during their high school years and college experiences. He allowed them to have a voice, meet leaders, have a venue to celebrate their culture, and develop leadership skills. He impressed upon his students the value of a good education and encouraged them to be the best at what they do.


We will continue to honor the legacy, contributions, dedication, and support of academic excellence that Ronald E. Felder Sr. gave to Queen City Foundation (QCF) for 26 years. Through the Ronald E. Felder Sr. Memorial Fund, we will continue the growth of QCF programs. 

Ronald Felder

L to R. Ronald Felder and Judge Nathaniel Jones

L to R. Ronald E. Felder Sr. John Campbell, and Judge Jeffery P. Hopkins

Donate to RONALD E. FELDER SR. MEMORIAL FUND PayPal link or mail to Queen City Foundation, P.O. Box 3145, Cincinnati, OH 45201 

Ronald Felder

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