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QCF Honors Program’s mission is to increase students’ motivation and mindset to improve grades, test scores, and academic achievement. This program teaches students and families to “raise the bar” on their academic goals while increasing their children’s self-esteem and leadership skills.


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QCF Honor Roll Program (4th—8th grade) Accelerating Education and Academic Enrichment program, summer and year-round program that helps students build the skills they need to succeed. From note-taking and homework skills to time management and test preparation, this program uses peers, college students, and adult mentoring to help.


NOBCChE Science Bowl

The Science Bowl also incorporated a Science Festival to engage students and their families throughout the event. The festival provided everyone the opportunity to learn and experience science and technology up-close through demonstrations, hands-on activities, and the competition itself. This year's NOBCChE/UC Greater Cincinnati Science Bowl included four teams in the junior division (5th-8th grade) and two teams in the senior division (8th-12th grade). The overall competition is based on the NOBCChE National model, following established rules of play and using a set of questions developed by the organization each year. The festival portion of the event included Science Fair posters presented by some student participants and science demonstrations performed by UC undergraduate and graduate students of ChemCats, Chemistry Graduate Student Association (CGSA), and Consortium for Cultural Diversity in Chemistry (CCDC). The science festival wrapped up with a splash, as participants took part in a soda and Mentos experiment. Between students, parents and a host of volunteers, more than 100 attended. Queen City Foundation has had a 1st place team and 2nd place team in 2018—2019.


The Cincinnati Chapter of National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE) in partnership with UC presented the 3rd Annual NOBCChE/UC Greater Cincinnati Science Bowl and Festival. The goals for this event were 1) to raise awareness of the positive impact of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines with students, their families, and their teachers; 2) to increase awareness of potential STEM career paths; and 3) to contribute to generating a pipeline of diverse local STEM talent for P&G. 

Honors Program

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